Asignatura 3

Material adicional 3.5.

Choledocholithiasis- Evaluation, Treatment and Outcomes EUS in Diseases of the Gallbladder EUS vs MRCP for common bile duct stones (Review) EUS vs MRCP for common bile duct stones (Review) Galería de imágenes Imaging of common bile duct by linear EUS Systematic review of EUS vs ERCP for suspected choledocholithiasis The role of endoscopy in the …

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Material adicional 3.4.

Accuracy of pNET Grading by EUS-FNA- Analysis of a Large Cohort Cystic PNETs- To date a diagnostic challenge Diagnostic accuracy of EUS in pNETs- Systematic review and meta Endoscopy and EUS in Assessing and Managing Neuroendocrine Neop EUS-RFA as an alternative to surgery for PanNENs EUS-RFA, for pancreatic cystic neoplasms and neuroendocrine tum Galería imágenes …

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Material adicional 3.3.

American Gastroenterological Association technical Review Diagnosis of pancreatic tumors by EUS European evidence based guidelines on pancreatic cystic neop… Revisión marcadores en quistes AGGP Rev ESP 2021 Revision of international consensus Fukuoka guidelines    

Material adicional 3.2.

American Pancreatic Association Practice Guidelines in Chron… Endoscopic ultrasound features of chronic pancreatitis- A pi… EUS-BA1 Galería imágenes Pancreatitis crónica   

Material adicional 3.1.

Algoritmo alternativo de manejo amuloma (recomendado) EUS in the papilla and the periampullary region Galería imágenes Ampuloma y Colangiocarcinoma RECENT Role of EUS in the Evaluation of Extrahepatic Cholangiocarci… STAGIN  

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