Asignatura 4

Material Adicional 4.9.

How Good is EUS in Differentiating Various T stages of Rectal Cancer? EUS-FNA is Highly Accurate for the Diagnosis of Perirectal Recurrence of Colorectal Cancer Prospective Evaluation of AEs LGI EUS FNA MRI compared with RES for the Prediction of Infiltration Depth in Colorectal Endometriosis Rectosigmoid Endometriosis. EUS Features and Clinical Implications TRUS in the […]

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Material Adicional 4.2.

Comparison of FNA and FNB for EUS-guided sampling of suspected GI stromal tumors Diagnostic efficacy of EUS-guided needle sampling for upper gastrointestinal SEL Diagnostic utility of EUS-FNA in patients with gastric SMTs EUS-guided single-incision needle-knife biopsy. Description and results of a new method for tissue sampling of subepithelial GI tumors GISTs – ESMO Clinical Practice

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Material Adicional 4.6.

Influence of On-Site Cytopathology Evaluation on the Diagnostic Accuracy of EUS-FNA of Solid Pancreatic Masses Poor Cell Block Adecuacy Rate for Molecular Testing Improved With the Addition of Diff-Quik-Stained Smears Need for Better Cell Block Processing ROSE of EUS-FNA diagnosis of pancreatic masses ROSE with EUS-FNA – The ROSE looks beautiful Utilization of Ancillary Studies

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Material Adicional 4.4.

Combined EBUS and EUS for diagnosis and staging of lung cancer Combined EBUS-TBNA and EUS-FNA for mediastinal lymph node staging of lung cancer Implementation of EUS for lung cancer staging The role of EUS-FNA in NSCLC patients. SEED-SEPD-AEG Joint Guideline The yield of EUS-FNA for histological diagnosis in patients suspected of stage I sarcoidosis Transaortic

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Material Adicional 4.8.

Impact of EUS-guided FNA on management of gastric carcinoma Indications results clinical impact of EUS-guided sampling in gastroenterology. ESGE Clinical Guideline. The role of EUS in the diagnosis and management of PGL Clinical Impact of EUS-FNAB in patients with Upper GIT Malignancies EUS vs CT for Gastric Cancer Staging

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Material Adicional 4.3.

European experts consensus statement on cystic tumours of the pancreas EUS-FNA for the diagnosis of solid pancreaticobiliary lesions International consensus guidelines 2012 for the management of IPMN and MCN of the pancreas Reviewing the Utility of EUS FNA to Advance Precision Medicine in Pancreatic Cancer The Sendai and Fukuoka consensus criteria for the management of

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Material Adicional 4.1.

EUS-guided tissue acquisition. An evidence-based approach EUS-guided tissue acquisition. How to achieve excellence Technical aspects of EUS-guided sampling in gastroenterology. ESGE Technical Guideline Wet- vs dry- suction techniques for EUS-FNA of solid lesions: a multicenter randomized controlled trial Wet- vs dry- suction techniques for EUS-FNA of solid lesions: a systematic review and meta-analysis

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